Saturday, January 12

Pippa McManus

Pippa McManus, an Australian based fashion illustrator has captured the eyes of many people recently. She has worked for many local designers and companies including Aurellio Costarella, Linneys jewellery, Zara Bryson and Sportsgirl as well as shopping centres such as Claremont Quarter and Chatswood Chase. She has also recently been pursued by Mary Katrantzou (featured in first 3 images), Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Wildfox and Steve Madden.
After having held 2 print exhibitions "Seeing Double" and "Best Western" Pip was named in the Top Ten Fashion Illustration blogs by renowned fashion website

Visit Pip's blog here.

Tuesday, January 8

Summer Goodness

Just a few shots I've taken so far this summer. The first and fourth images are both taken at a small lagoon style bay off the coast of Western Australia near Smiths Beach. This beach was secluded and absolutely beautiful. The water was calm and blue as it was surrounded with rocks that protected us from the gnarly waves out the back! 
The others are taken at Rottnest Island and Eagle Bay, all in Western Australia.
Second image courtesy of Adam Nalapraya


Quintessentially Unique - Isobel Badin

Isobel Badin, Australian designer, creates whimsical accessories with vibrant mosaics of colour as well as unusual textures and shapes. Her philosophy is to deliver 'quintessentially unique' pieces of work to the free spirited, energetic, courageous and inquisitive client.
These bags and necklaces can quickly add a burst of colour and individuality to any outfit! 
- I can't choose which one is my favourite!
Order yours here to be custom made.

Saturday, January 5


Etsy is the greatest place to find handmade gems at a reasonable price! This particular shop - Love Obsessed - is unique and currently on-trend featuring bright popping colours as well as pastels on their jewellery. 
Stacy Dill, the designer, solders various vintage jewellery pieces and hand paints them individually to create a customised one-off amazing piece. 

My favourites are the necklaces (especially the first one featured above) because they give an instant lift to any outfit! These necklaces can be paired with a simple white tee and jeans for daywear. Or add one (the 4th would be perfect!) to a feminine style dress as it will achieve that edgy-yet-girly look.

Order yours now from

Friday, December 28

Dream of Decor

With the new year close by its definitely time for a change in d├ęcor. 
The first two images I came across on homewear blogs. The first looks like something out of Rachel Zoe's apartment, each clothing item is carefully sorted into the correct section, and lets not forget the colour coordination either. I love the library of books that have been separated by colour - I would quite happily spend all day in there.

Mirrors are often said to make a room appear larger. In the case of the third image, the mirrors basically teleport you into another world where everything is sparkly... I wouldn't say no.

This dresser is oh-so-perfect for all the jewellery/accessory lovers out there. Get yours personally customised here
Canvas&Canvas is a website dedicated to rescue the world from sad walls. Ranging from all patterns, sizes, shapes and colours, I guarantee they will liven up any room. At the moment I'm dying for the abstract rainbow artwork. Get them here and here.