Thursday, June 10


Finally finished printing my magazine!
Here are a few more shots, as promised.

eyeshadow pallets:

For brown eyes, soft, sheer pinks, and golds bring out the many dimensions of the eye colour. Shades of brown, merlot, and plum can also look pretty with brown eyes, When you use a dramatic eggplant on the eyes, don't forget to plump up your lips with a cranberry lip gloss!

For blue eyes, you can go with either, greys, violets, purples, deep blues (a darker shade than your eye colour makes your eyes really blue) and black - mix it up with a bright blue for a smoky effect!
Go outrageous: silver, turquoise, fuchsia (brightens any shade of blue)

For green eyes, browns, apricots, purples, plums, deep khakis or forest green shades suit the colour pallet. (Forest greens are in the same greenish family so they brighten green eyes). Golds, lime-greens, really light greens and bright purples also might make a bit more of a statement!

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